Visual AI for Everyone
Unleash Your Imagery
Most companies have plenty of images and videos from operations that are collected and stored, but rarely used at scale. CrowdAI captures insights from visual data, by helping computers see objects of interest and their relation to business problems.
Bring Your Imagery
Cell phone pictures? Got it. Aerial full-motion video? We do that. MRI? Bring it on. We built the platform to be imagery agnostic, meaning you can create cutting-edge AI from whatever pixels you already use.
Train Advanced Models
Let our data science team augment your data science team. We’ve baked world-class computer vision tools and techniques right into the platform for you. You’ll get world-class AI without writing a single line of Python.
Put AI to Work
What good is AI if it stays in R&D? Take your custom models with you as containers to use in your existing systems, or get real-world results right through the platform. Close the AI cycle with in-situ continuous improvement loops.
Why CrowdAI
We believe you deserve real AI customized to your specific needs, not “off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all” models built to someone else’s specifications. We built our platform to make AI accessible to anyone—not just data scientists and developers.

A Full-Stack Solution

Our platform lets you manage the entire deep learning process in one place. You don't need a different platform for each step in the process – everything from data management to annotation to deployment is included.

Approachable, Intuitive AI

You shouldn’t have to be a data scientist to make great AI that provides real value for the enterprise. Our platform was built from the ground-up to be code free and approachable to anyone.

Secure & Reliable

Data is perhaps your most valuable asset. You can deploy CrowdAI in a private or hybrid cloud environment or go fully on-premises. Don’t want to manage infrastructure? CrowdAI offers a fully SaaS option where we take care of that for you.

Own your AI

You retain ownership of the IP you create. This means your models are your own, and you can use them however you want, no tricky licensing and no gimmicks.

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